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  1. The fatality rate in Berga, including the march, was the highest of any camp where American POWs were held—nearly 20 percent—and the men who were killed represented approximately six percent of all Americans who perished as POWs during World War II.
  2. Berga Camp and its Origins. Anthony wasn't the only US serviceman to be taken prisoner; as many as three hundred and fifty soldiers were held within the walls of these places. Many where taken and kept at the place in which Acevedo was sent to, a camp in Berga, Germany, or to give it its full Deustche title "Berga an der Elster".
  3. Berga an der Elster was a subcamp of Buchenwald concentration camp. The Berga forced labour camp was located on the outskirts of the village seuphoscywebfsolmo.rimtheborrefotiferecacasttranat.cos were supplied by Buchenwald concentration camp and from a POW camp, Stalag IX-B; the latter contravened the provisions of the Third Geneva Convention and the Hague seuphoscywebfsolmo.rimtheborrefotiferecacasttranat.co prisoners died as a result of malnutrition, sickness.
  4. Apr 22,  · Berga an der Elster was a slave labor camp where U.S. soldiers were beaten, starved, and forced to work in tunnels for the German government. The .
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  8. Berga am Elster: Berga am Elster barracks: Entrance to tunnels: Berga am Elster: Berga am Elster: Corpses exhumed from mass grave in Berga: Pvt. David Goldin of Richmond, Virginia, recuperates at a U.S. Army hospital in Cham, Germany. Goldin was one of the American POWs who survived a death march from the Berga concentration camp. (April ).
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