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  1. Look over the barrier made of fallen trees to spot a barrel with a wooden backstop. A successful throw initiates the Tossing Gourds Challenge. To complete it, throw 4 more pumpkins into 4 more barrels, which are hidden around the village. These are shown in Part 2.
  2. Keg-tossing (or keg toss) is a sport that involves the heaving of a standard gallon beer seuphoscywebfsolmo.rimtheborrefotiferecacasttranat.co people would refer to this type of keg as a "half-keg" or "half-barrel." The keg must be completely emptied before it should be tossed to avoid injuries.
  3. The next barrel (4/5) is on the ledge above and behind the strongbox. For this one, I found it helped to stand fairly close and toss the pumpkin from below. You could also throw the pumpkin onto the roof of the shelter, or onto the ledge, climb up, and toss from there. The last barrel (5/5) is some distance from the others. Grab a pumpkin and.
  4. E. Tossing gourds (Hit 5 barrels) This one is a quick challenge, because all of the barrels are located close to one another. Go to the pumpkin field (point E on the map). You need to pick up pumpkins and toss them into successive barrels close to the field. They have been marked on the map as E1 - E5.
  5. Beast: Barrel Toss (Buff is applied to the user of the ability) Mechanical: Lock-On (Buff is applied to the enemy pet, remains on the same pet if it is switched and can be used on multiple pets in a single battle).
  6. Jan 08,  · For tossing gourds, you need to go to the upper eastern village, the one you cross when making your way to the cathedral. When you enter it, on your left there's a pumpkin patch, and five barrels on top of some crates behind a fence. Use si to locate them. .
  7. Aug 16,  · Directed by Bruce Klassen. With Tim Coston. Elton and Scotty are on a mission to beat a year-old record: Can they jump 14 barrels on ice skates? Or maybe the better question: Can they jump 14 barrels on ice skates and stay alive?
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